What Putin Understands When He Calls The Nazis In Ukraine: Azov Battalion –

What Putin Understands When He Calls The Nazis In Ukraine: Azov Battalion –

Mariupol is an important trophy for the Russians. There is fierce fighting for the city in the south of Ukraine. But President Putin’s army met fierce resistance from the infamous Azov battalion. He is part of the National Guard and, according to Putin, is the best example of the far-right’s dominance over Ukraine.

For example, the pro-Russian Telegram channels broadcast a video of a Russian journalist waving far-right flags. He was found with the Azov battalion, he said. This will show that the battle for Mariupol is about the de-Nazis of the country. What do we know about this union that we talk about so much?


The name of the Azov battalion refers to the Sea of ​​Azov, which borders Ukraine to the south. In this region, a group of volunteers successfully fought pro-Russian rebels in 2014. It was no secret that they had an ultra-nationalist ideology. Civilian militias openly wore Wolfsangel, a well-known Nazi symbol.

The group’s founder, Andriy Biletsky, said in 2010 that Ukraine’s goal was “to bring the white race into a final battle against the lower races.”

In 2014, they successfully defended the Mariupol region. The city was eventually recaptured from the pro-Russian rebels. Although they openly sympathized with the extremists, the militias were widely praised for their resistance. They fought for every yard and – not significantly – at their own expense.

In 2014, he managed to convert the heroic status that Biletsky had acquired with some of them into a seat in parliament. The militia was incorporated into the Ukrainian National Guard.

Source: NOS