Iraqi premier inspects Iranian missile attack site in the north –

A house damaged by the Iranian missile attack was seen in Erbil, Iraq on Sunday, March 23, 2022. Iran has claimed responsibility for the missile attack that targeted the US consulate complex in the northern city of Erbil. Iraq last week. It was revenge for an Israeli attack on Syria that killed two members of the Revolutionary Guards. (AP Photo / Ahmed Mzoori, Metrography)

BAGHDAD – The Iraqi prime minister met with Kurdish officials on Monday and examined the site of the Iranian missile attack near the US consulate in the city of Erbil, in northern Iraq.

Mustafa al-Kadim was received by Masrour Barzani, the prime minister of the semi-autonomous region controlled by the Kurds. The Iraqi Prime Minister also inspected damage from nearly 12 ballistic missiles that crashed near the desolate new US Consulate, and on a local television station nearby.

Iran claimed responsibility for Sunday’s missile attack, calling it a retaliation for last week’s Israeli attack that killed two Revolutionary Guards in Syria.

No one was injured in the attack on Erbil. However, this was a significant escalation between the US and Iran, which angered the Iraqi leadership, who described it as a “violation of international law and norms” and summoned the Iranian ambassador to Baghdad to protest. The hostility between the US and Iran is manifested in Iraq, whose government is an ally of both countries.

A Baghdad government spokesman said al-Kadimi’s visit to Erbil on Monday was intended to express solidarity with the Kurdistan region and express support for his government. The official spoke on condition of anonymity as he did not have the right to comment on the visit.

The United States also condemned the attack. National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan said in a statement that the attack targeted a civilian residence in Erbil “without giving any reasons”.

“We will support the Iraqi government to hold Iran accountable and we will support our partners in the Middle East in countering similar Iranian threats.”

US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken on Sunday urged al-Kadim and Barzani to show solidarity and condemn the attacks.

Source: Washington Post