Venezuelans skeptical of US turn with Maduro

Venezuelans skeptical of US turn with Maduro

Outside of Venezuela, migrants also have their say, most voices are negative, believing the decision was “a mistake”.

José Antonio Colina, president of the Organization of Politically Persecuted Venezuelans in Exile, pointed out that easing sanctions and removing a cousin of Cilia Flores from the sanctioned list is being interpreted as United States† “I followed the script” of the Maduro government.

“In these circumstances, the one who shows weakness and whose strategies have no effect, UNITED STATES. The message being sent is wrong because it promotes tyranny and harms Venezuelan society, which interprets it as treason,” Colina said.

Meanwhile, Richard Blanco, deputy of the National Assembly of Venezuela, former political prisoner and chairman of the Alianza al Bravo Pueblo party abroad, said he has seen “the outrage” of Venezuelans abroad with the announcements.

“We need to ask President Biden to put it right, I’m doing it as a deputy to the… Legitimate National Assembly of Venezuelabut also as an ordinary citizen, as another Venezuelan from those of us in the diaspora, from those of us who have suffered imprisonment, persecution and disqualification,” the politician said.

Likewise, Blanco rejected “the talks” that could be restarted in Mexico, pointing out that these representatives of the Venezuelan opposition do not represent that sector of the country.

“This is going to end in another event like the one that has been held, there have already been more than 20 meetings to supposedly reach an agreement and the political prisoners have not yet been released. From here on, we reject and ask President Biden to rectify this absurd decision he has made without regard for what our Venezuelan brothers and sisters are going through inside and outside the country,” the delegate said.

José Soto, a Venezuelan living in Madrid, believed that while the sanctions tried to be a suffocation measure for the regime, it has been shown today “that they hurt it, but not enough”.

“I am not going to judge whether it is a valid decision or not on the part of United Statesbecause I still think the solution of the problem depends more on internal pressure than on external pressure,” Soto said, noting that the negotiations between the government and the opposition in Venezuela“should be resumed”.

“All dictatorial processes, bellicose or not, in most cases involve a negotiation between the rules. In recent years there have been negotiations and if there is no success it is because the government has never kept to the agreements, but we have to keep trying,” the Venezuelan insisted.

Source: El heraldo