Russian invasion: UN approaches biological weapons claim

Here are the latest developments at the start of the sixteenth day of the occupation:

Presence of biological weapons or allegations of “mass destruction”: Russia has requested an extraordinary meeting of the UN Security Council this Friday to address “US biological activities on Ukrainian soil”. According to Twitter, the Russian UN mission has announced that it has “received the results of an analysis of documents related to US biological military activities in Ukraine”.

The Russian government has assured that its military has found evidence of “urgent removal” in Ukraine of traces pointing to the existence of a so-called bio-military program developed in Ukraine and, according to Moscow, funded by the United States. .

Igor Konashenkov, spokesman for the Russian Defense Ministry, claimed that the workers of these biological labs had been destroyed on February 24 of certain dangerous pathogens, such as plague, anthrax, tularemia, cholera and other deadly diseases.

But the US denies this: White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki said Russia may be planning to use chemical or biological weapons in Ukraine in response to Russia’s “false” accusations against Washington. And that same Psaki noted on Thursday that Russia has “a comprehensive biological and chemical weapons program” and a “history of inventing lies.”

And the President of Ukraine: Earlier on Friday, Ukrainian President Volodomir Zelensky denied Russian weapons that Ukraine had chemical weapons “or other weapons of mass destruction” and said such weapons were part of Russian propaganda to justify the invasion.

“The Russians say we are probably developing biological weapons and preparing a chemical attack,” Zelensky said. This worries me very much, because if you want to know what Russian planes are, you have to look at what the Russians are accusing others of.” said,

New cities bombed by the Russians: Multiple explosions were heard this morning in the city of Lutsk in northwestern Ukraine, very close to the Polish border. Mayor Igor Polischuk urged residents to move to shelters as soon as possible. According to sources from the Ukrainian chain ICTV, the target of the attack was the city’s airport and a nearby factory, the eastern end was confirmed by the Russian side.

ICTV Padlock also reported multiple air strikes on Dnipro in the center of the country. According to this television channel, they were hit by bullets near a kindergarten, an apartment building and a shoe factory.

It is the first time these two cities have been attacked since the Russian invasion of Ukraine began 16 days ago.

Follow the evacuation of refugees: Russia has assured that more than 220,000 Ukrainian refugees have been evacuated and transferred to the territory of the Donbas region of eastern Ukraine, citing sources of security services, the official Russian agency Tass reported.

“As of the morning of March 11, about 222,000 people crossed the border into Russia, including more than 50,000 children,” the source said. “Since February 18, when the authorities of these republics announced the evacuation, more than 193,000 people have come to Russia from the Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics.

And Zelensky confirms that about 40,000 people were evacuated this morning. According to the president’s statement in a video on his Telegram account, this Thursday from several cities in the country. “Today – Thursday – one of our main tasks was the organization of humanitarian corridors (…) we were able to evacuate about 40,000 people for their safety from Poltava, Kiev, Cherkassy, ​​Zaporizhzhya, Dinipró and Lviv,” he said. minister.

Refugee only leaves under conditions: Russia has announced that it will allow the rescue of humanitarian aid convoys from many Ukrainian cities, which will expire in 11 days, if it can more easily obtain the number plates of the vehicles and the number of servants.

The head of the National Defense Control Center, Mikhail Mizintsev, said in a message received by the Interfax agency that workers will leave them on their cell phones and continue to search for communications equipment to thwart intelligence gathering on the ground. units of the Russian Armed Forces”.

Russia prepares to invade with “administrative offices”: Ukrainian officials on Friday denounced that in areas occupied by the Russian army, such as Kherson, the occupying forces are trying to create “command bureaus”, a kind of administrative police network, to keep the population in check.

In Kherson, located in the south of Ukraine and one of the first cities taken by the Russian army during the occupation that began on February 24, “the enemy is trying to create a system of ‘command bureaus’ to temporarily restore ‘order’. the region. Occupied settlements,” the Armed Forces General Staff reported through the Ukrainian agency Ukrinform.

Rates from the United States to Russia: The United States plans to take steps to end its favorable trade deal with Russia, which would open the door to the possible imposition of tariffs on Moscow in retaliation for the invasion of Ukraine.

US President Joe Biden will ask Congress next Friday to repeal Russia’s so-called “most preferred nation” treatment, one of the fundamental principles of international trade followed by the World Trade Organization (WTO). about.

13.6 billion for Ukraine: The United States Senate on Thursday offered $13,600 million to Ukraine as part of a much broader new budget package that affects many spending. The two sides united around Ukraine in light of the war launched by Russia, so the legislative project includes $13.6 billion in humanitarian and military aid to Ukraine and Eastern Europe. last week.

Russia goes bankrupt According to the International Monetary Fund (IMF), Russia could bankrupt the cost of the economic sanctions and financial restrictions imposed on it by the international community for its invasion of Ukraine. According to fund director Kristalina Georgieva, the conflict could also have major consequences for the global economy.

“Russia’s bankruptcy is an unlikely event,” Georgieva said in a digital meeting with several international media outlets, as the Russian economy is already contracting and heading into a deep recession this year.

Source: Ulti Mahora