Second commander of ‘los Rastrojos Costeños’ dies during police operation

Second commander of ‘los Rastrojos Costeños’ dies during police operation

In the midst of a firefight against the units of the Gaula of the Metropolitan Police of Barranquilla and the intelligence service (Sijín) was shot dead in Cúcuta by Jhon Alexander Jiménez Ardila, alias Magangué, who is said to be the second commander and financial head of the criminal group ‘Los Rastrojos Costeños’ and a confidant of Ober Ricardo Martínez Gutiérrez, alias the Black Over .

According to the armed institution, the detectives had traveled to the aforementioned city, where they wanted to issue a search warrant to comply with the arrest warrant against them. However, when? police units They arrived at the house in the Alfonso Lopez Neighborhood from that city they were attacked with a firearm so they had to react and then the man was shot.

Apparently this man was part of the 130 criminal actors identified and wanted by the authorities as promoters of various crimes in barranquilla and its metropolitan area.

According to the information provided, Alias ​​​​Magangué would be responsible for coordinating the collection of extortion and attacks on commercial institutions. Likewise, it would have been a catalyst for selective killings attributed to: ‘The coast Rastrojos’, as well as, apparently, he was at the forefront of the showdown with ‘Los Costeños’.

Source: El heraldo