“Whoever wins Colombia’s presidency, we want cooperation”: Maduro

“Whoever wins Colombia’s presidency, we want cooperation”: Maduro

The President of Venezuela, Nicholas Madurosaid this Wednesday that “who wins” the Colombian Presidencyset to be adopted on June 19, hopes there can be “peace and cooperation” between the two neighboring countries.

“Six million Colombians live in peace in Venezuela, no one disturbs them, peace and brotherhood is what we want with Colombia† Whoever wins the presidency in Colombia wins, we want peace and cooperation with Colombia and we will achieve it,” he said in a television act.

On Monday, the number two of chavism, God given hersaid he hopes relations between Venezuela and Colombia will improve with a new president in the Andean nation, whose name will be determined in the second round of elections on June 19, as the first, which was held last Sunday, had no candidate a sufficient majority to rule.

“The power of the peoples is superior to the positions occupied by the presidents. I hope whoever wins there (in Colombia) understands that the healthiest thing is that (…) hopefully we have good relations,” he said at a televised press conference.

Source: El heraldo