Which? issue a warning to drivers about car insurance “loophole” –

Which?  issue a warning to drivers about car insurance “loophole” –

British drivers have been warned they will face unexpected bills on their car insurance if they don’t check the fine print for “gaps”.

Website for the general public Which? He analyzed 49 insurance policies, saying he found gaps in personal property coverage and “surprising” exceptions for luxury cars.

Almost all of the policies examined include personal property coverage, which helps people repair or replace damaged or stolen items in a car.

However, which one? All merchandise not included, with handle that protects cash, documents and credit cards. Four out of 10 (40%) policies with personal property coverage do not cover cell phones.

Which? It also found that while only a quarter (24%) of policies would pay to cover the costs of illegal tying or towing, only three in 10 (31%) would bear the legal costs associated with cloning a license plate.

He also found that the “rarest” feature he looked at was guaranteed coverage for driving other cars. More than a third (37%) of the policies only apply in an emergency, according to his research.

Which? Have UK drivers check the fine print of car insurance

Jenny Ross, which one? The publisher of Money said, “Our research shows that because many policies don’t cover the events or properties you might expect, drivers run the risk of facing high bills when things go wrong. With the skyrocketing cost of driving. life, this means that for people with low incomes or limited savings, car problems can be disastrous.

“We encourage drivers to read the fine print. If you’re comparing two similarly priced policies, bills due to declining auto insurance gaps can detract from the extra you’ll pay for more expensive insurance coverage.

“Anyone who is dissatisfied with how their insurer handles a claim should always look around when it is time to renew. You can save hundreds of dollars by switching insurers while still getting the coverage that’s right for you.

A spokesman for the British Insurers Association (ABI) said: “Auto insurers reimburse their private auto insurance customers £ 22 million every day with 99% of all claims paid.

“Insurers continue to achieve great value for money and want drivers to understand exactly what insurance coverage is. We encourage drivers to check the coverage provided and, if in doubt, to contact their insurer.

Source: Wales Online