Sip this charming $ 13 elderberry wine with a fruity dessert –

Sip this charming $ 13 elderberry wine with a fruity dessert –

West Virginia Berries and Berries, Uncle Jake’s Elderberry Wine

Monty Python fans will happily prepare my dad’s words when you put this wine in front of him. Listen to them and then taste. Sweet and beautifully balanced, it is the ideal partner for fruit-based desserts. Amateur mixologists can prepare a variety of drinks to enjoy the aroma of this wine garden, which – how to say? – Smells like jam. The same company also produces good blackberry wine. Alcohol by volume: 11 percent BW: 420 grams (light).

District and Maryland of DMV, Virginia by Robins Cellars: Available in the Rodman area. USA Liqueur in Maryland at Prince Frederick; Absher liqueurs in La Plata; Big B Liquor on Bryans Road; Country spirits in the waterfall; Franklin Liquors in Ijamsville; grapes and cereals in Gothenburg; Grove beer and wine in Darwood; Howard Wine and Spirits in Elkridge; What sweetness in heaven; Hyattsville Spirits & Grill in Hyattville; Kettering Liquors in Upper Marlboro; Lakeside wine and spirits in Laurel; Liberty Wines and Spirits in LaVale; Lucas liqueur in Auckland; McHenry Beverage Shop, Hill Market in McHenry; Mill Station Wine and Spirits at Owings Mills; Old farm liqueurs, Federico-style trout liqueurs; Quick Stop Beer and Wine in Germantown; Reisterstown Wine and spirits in Reisterstown; Suitland beer and wine in Morningside; Fountain in Drug City in Dundlk; wine cellar at Fruitland; Thirsty wine and spirits at Oxon Hill; Valley Wine & Spirits in Hagerstown; Elite Vineyards in Pixville. Available at Appomattox River Peanut & Wine Co. in Hopewell, Virginia; large bottles in a bag; Hot Springs Dairy Market; Shawnee Springs Market in Cross Junction; Valley Supermarket in Hot Springs; West Oaks Farmer’s Market in Winchester; January off the coast of Virginia.

Fil-loxera and Cia, Sentada Sobre la Bestia 2017

Valencia, Spain, $ 26

The company name and logo recall the vine that destroyed most of the vineyards in Europe at the end of the 19th century. The name of the wine translates as “sitting on the beast” and the label shows the teeth that seem to protrude from the door of the man sitting on the beast – forgive me, détras. The image is risk and adventure. After all, how many wines have you tasted from Valencia? The moment you experience this enchanting blend of Monastero, Tempranillo, Garnacha Tinora, Graziano and Malvasia Bianca, you may need to book a ticket and get there. I understand they also have oranges. ABV: 15 percent BW: 400 grams (light).

Imported and distributed by Le Stori: MacArthur Beverage is available at Rodman’s. Available in Grape + Bean in Alexandria, Virginia; Rowland in Richmond; Midlothian Wine Market; Wine shop in Fairfax.

Carol Shelton Wild Thing Viognier 2020

Placer County, California, $ 26

Leek, mango, coconut and perhaps a little creme brulee stand out in this white dessert. It is perfect with semi-soft cheese or just talking on its own. ABV: 13.5 percent. BW: 485 grams (light).

Distributed in the region and Maryland by Artisans & Vines, Virginia by Robins Cellars: Ace Beverage, Classy Corks Wine & Spirits, Cleveland Park Wine and Spirits available from Rodman’s. at Aida Bistro & Wine Bar in Maryland, at Iron Bridge Wine Co. in Colombia; Apple Greene wine and spirits in Dunkirk; Bradley Food and Beverage at Beer, Wine & Co., Bethesda; Bellas, Annapolis Wine Cellars of Annapolis; Bowie’s Crescent Wine and Spirits; Dawson liquor at Severna Park; East area, Frederick Wine House, Old Farm Liquori, Bottle Wine Inc. in Federico; in downtown Crown Wine and Beer, Gaithersburg; Dunkirk Wine and spirits in Dunkirk; Edgewater Liquors in Edgewater; Patuxent wine and spirits in Lusby; Petite Cellars, a winery in the city of Elikot; state spirits in Elkton; Wish Easton a good drink.

Carol Shelton Cockley Rouge 2020

Central Coast, California, $ 27

Carol Shelton’s work with the old Zinfandel vine inspired a mix of Carrigan, Grenache Noir, Murveder, Alicante Bouchet and Sira Ron, cultivars often confused with Zinfandel in old California vineyards. Thanks to the Alicante maquis, it is a beauty of intense colors with notes of blackberry, wild sage, thorn, game and pepper. ABV: 14.2 percent. BW: 580 grams (average).

Distributed in the District and Maryland by Artisans & Vines, Virginia by Robins Cellars: Available at Ace Beverage, Chevy Chase Wine & Spirits, Rodman’s. Available at Bradley Food and Beverage in Bethesda, Maryland; Bowie’s Crescent Wine and Spirits; East District, Firestone Culinary Tavern, Old Farm Liquors, Spin the Bottle Wine Co. in Federico; Downtown Crown Wine and Beer at Gaithersburg; Dunkirk Wine and spirits in Dunkirk; a girl and a vine in Tacoma Park; state spirits in Elkton; Wine box in the town of Elikot.

Donatella Cinelli Colombini Rosso di Montalcino 2018

Donatella Cinelli Colombini calls her Montalcino winery “Casato Prime Donne” because she has a women’s team and has been supporting women in winemaking for decades. Rosso di Montalcino is a type of baby Brunello, produced with Sanj ო vez grapes, usually young vines, and has shorter aging requirements on wood and bottle than Brunello. He looks more like a young man ready for flight: from the cup come aromas of dried cherries, wild herbs and cocoa. Don’t drink too fast. You’ll want to eat a night or two if you can make it. Biological. ABV: 13.5 percent. BW: 465 grams (light).

Imported from Banville Wine Merchants; Distributed in the region and Virginia by Artisans & Vines in Banville, Maryland: available locally at MacArthur Beverages, Magruder’s, Rodman’s, Toscana Market. Available from Beer, Wine & Co., Bethesda, Maryland; Downtown Crown Wine and Beer in Gaithersburg. Available from Aldie Peddler in Aldie, Virginia; Champagne Brut in Alexandria; Chain Bridge Basements, Root Supplies and Groceries at McLean; Italian store in Arlington (Lyon Village, Westover); Murphy drink in Winchester; Norm’s Beer & Wine, Winemaker of Vienna, Vienna; Old wines in Harrisonburg.

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Source: Washington Post