“World War III has been declared for me”: Pope on Ukraine

The Pope Francisco stated that, in his opinion, “the World War III“and that the war in Ukraine after the invasion of Russia “maybe it was somehow provoked or not prevented”, according to the transcript of the conversation he had a few days ago with the directors of the European cultural magazines of the jesus company

“A few years ago it occurred to me to say that we lived through a Third World War in pieces. Now the Third World War has been declared for me. And this is an aspect that should make us think. What is happening to humanity ? who has had three world wars in a century?” Francis said according to the transcript of this conversation published today by the newspaper “La Stampa”.

Responding to ‘s Aggression Russia to Ukraine and how it can contribute to peace, Francis said that “we have to move away from the normal pattern of Little Red Riding Hood that is good and that the wolf is bad. Something global is emerging, with very intertwined elements.”

Source: El heraldo