Video of Vladimir Putin ‘trembling’ sparks rumors about his health

A new video has fueled rumors of the alleged deterioration of the health from the President of Russia, Vladimir Putin.

This time, a video shared by a former director of the American network NBC, Mike Sington, reopened the conversation in social networks about the possible losses that the Russian president would suffer amid the attack he ordered on Ukraine.

The 25-second recording shows Putin at a ceremony held last Sunday to present the Russian Federation State Prize to filmmaker Nikita Mikhailov.

What caught the attention of netizens is that, according to Sington, the president of Russia seemed to lose the stability of his body a little when, while standing, his legs trembled.

“Putin’s legs are trembling, he looks unsteady on his legs, fueling further speculation about his health,” Signton wrote on Twitter.

Source: El heraldo