Opinion | Democrats must return to a simple dichotomy –

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) Has a sharper message. Ms. Pelosi told Biden and a group of co-workers that the Democrats need a more concise and coherent message. The information is disseminated by the New York Times. “The speaker, who has long loved juicy mantras for creating stickers, offered a tip he heard from members: He lets the Democrats publish. Closer.

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The problem with the Democrat slogan is that the White House doesn’t want to stop talking about the things they don’t get (eg child benefits, general advances, paid leave, voting rights). Already in the notes, at the winter meeting of the Democratic Group in the House and the Democratic National Committee, President Biden provides a list of issues that he failed to pass in the Senate and that he will not address in the near future. (“We will improve the lives of millions of Americans. We will overcome the great challenges of our time: the right to vote, the climate crisis, gun violence, criminal law, immigration and more.” To stop. talk about anything whenever you have nothing to do with it.

To be honest, Biden talks A little These are progressive startups, the most popular infrastructure plan and business growth. Spend more time worrying about inflation. Yet the average voter easily gets lost in the hustle and bustle of startups: the American recovery plan, infrastructure, the united agenda, the brutal Russian invasion of Ukraine, and the impressive Supreme Court candidate of the Supreme Court, giving Biden the last months to break the cycle of bad news and power The big picture that unites everything is still missing, even if given the first chance to show it.

Biden faces several challenges: 1) he can’t do much about the biggest economic problem (inflation) that voters rightly blame him for; 2) The voters seem to have returned to normal after the growth of the job and the cooperative; 3) the GOP noise machine of constant conspiracy and unsubstantiated accusations effectively manipulates the mainstream media, restoring GOP talking points; And 4) voters forget how positively the GOP has gone mad and how much of its worst elements will prevail if it returns to the majority in one or both chambers.

So what can Biden do? Basically, the Democrats have to convince the voters I’m on the side of ordinary Americans. – Make progress and solve real problems (e.g. work, Covid). They need to remind voters that Democrats are on the right side of the middle class, democracy and law and order. Democrats shouldn’t doubt which party did much to clean up the mess left by the previous administration and which party understands the real issues that need to be worked on (e.g. inflation, green energy, protection from international aggressors).

republicans? They are the architects and architects of the chaos (attack on the Capitol, let the country pay its debts, sue the teachers, undermine the elections. They threaten to take the children, their parents provide them with medical assistance, and cause the trucks to block). vote Decidedly Do you want to regain power over a mafia that supports violence (“legitimate political discourse”), allows the expulsion of sect leaders from Ukraine and fights big companies (for example, allows tax evasion, protects the prices of Big Pharma)? )?

Democrats need to get back to the basic message: when in power, they force the government to work for the common people and uphold American values ​​(democracy, opportunity, justice, rule of law). To them Solve real problems. When Republicans are in power, they create division, conflict and chaos. To them I’m not on your side. He is. Simple dilemma.

Source: Washington Post