Montgomery County Board of Education Releases Mask Mandate for Schools –

Montgomery County Board of Education Releases Mask Mandate for Schools –

As all school board members raised their hands to vote in favor of removing the mask, the parents of the audience said in a low voice, “Yes!” she cried.

This issue has sparked heated debate in the county, a friction among those who insist that universal masks be available in schools. It can protect the wider community as well Who has struggled to return to normal. In the meeting held on Tuesday, parents and students discussed both sides of the matter. At a certain point, Wolfe threatened to clean the room Due to the turmoil in the general comment session.

Montgomery, Maryland’s largest school system, was one of the few in the state to keep the required mask intact. Most Maryland school districts have made masks selective in recent weeks after the State Board of Education abolished state regulations and regained control of local school systems.

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During the vote, board members took note of the new Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines that do not require universal masks in school. The CDC’s new public health guidelines make masks easier for most Americans and advise schools to use universal masks only in communities with high levels of coronavirus transmission. In areas with low levels of the virus, which cover most of the Washington metropolitan area, face masks can be removed indoors, including schools.

The Montgomery County Education Association, an association of nearly 14,000 class teachers and school staff, said before voting that it will support a school system dimension that will follow guidelines from the CDC and local and state health officials.

MCEA President Jennifer Martin told council members that mask-free housing should be provided to ensure the well-being of students who may be extremely vulnerable to Covid-19, such as the need for mandatory coronavirus testing after spring break. .

Hannah Donart, a parent of two school system students, told the council that removing the mask “will unnecessarily put our school community at greater risk.”

“Applying the principle of caution and wearing a universal mask will better protect everyone, including the most vulnerable and disproportionately affected,” he said, adding that there is no coronavirus vaccine available for children under the age of 5.

At the meeting on Tuesday Audience members unfolded banners calling for an end to the mask’s mandate. Some complained and laughed when students and community members asked to remain in masks.

These actions prompted interim auditor Monifa McKnight to warn the public: “Our children are always watching.”

“When a student makes a statement, we respect it. “Whether we admit it or not, this is a child and a student in the school system,” McKnight said. “I’m just asking, if we keep talking about topics that might be controversial, we should prioritize our children and say, ‘What does this mean and what does it mean to them?’ And who will be for them? ‘ “

DC school mask policies are being investigated as more states repeal them

Last month, the Montgomery County Board of Education condemned online harassment, These included “nasty language and personal attacks” against student council member Hannah O’Leary. O’Leary had previously expressed support for supporting the request for the mask after speaking to several students about the matter at a board meeting.

Councilor Lynn Harris addressed the audience at the end of the public statement, saying she was “incredibly disappointed” with the public’s behavior and told O’Leary how they were behaving online.

“I want to know how many of you talk so much. [students] “Like Hannah O’Leary, our student council member,” he told the audience.

“We will not lecture anyone who has been harassing our students for two years,” one in the audience told Harris. “Justice is coming.”

The Maryland legislature approves the removal of face masks from state schools that control local areas

Across Maryland, many school jurisdictions have established new CDC guidelines to remove mask requirements. Before the state council abolished the state mandate, it allowed school systems to reduce mask requirements when systems reached one of three “transition ramps”: the country where the school was located had to achieve at least one vaccination rate of ‘80%. Eighty percent of school staff and students had to be vaccinated or had 14 days of transmission of moderate or low coronavirus infections in the country.

The Maryland public school system has maintained its requirements since Tuesday: Prince George County and Baltimore. Prince George has a county mentioned above. The country plans to abolish the mandate once 80 percent vaccination is reached. Baltimore will remove the mask requirements on March 14.

Source: Washington Post