The G7 summit begins with the war in Ukraine as the main topic

The Elmau G7 follows the European Councilwhich gave Ukraine a boost by recognizing the country as a candidate for accession to the European Union (EU), and will close on Tuesday, a day before the decisive summit of the NATO in Madrid.

The focus of this first day is on the economic havoc emerged from the war, the fight against inflation mainly caused by the energy sector, and the food crisis that is feared will accelerate the Russian blockade of Ukrainian wheat exports.

The intervention, in virtual format, of the Ukrainian president, Volodymyr Zelenskywhile his country suffers from the Russian offensive on the eastern half and new attacks on Kiev are also reported.

Prior to the sessions at the Seven Powers level, Scholz had a bilateral meeting with the US President, Joe Bidenwho expressed to the German chancellor the need to remain united in the face of “the challenges we face”.

“(Russian President Vladimir) Putin has counted on the division of the G7 and NATO,” the US president added, in a brief appearance to the media, adding that “we have not done it and we will not do it”.

Biden, who arrived in Elmau last night, had already announced via his Twitter account that the G7 will announce the ban on gold imports from Russia as one of the measures to sanction Ukraine’s invasion of that country.

The US leader assured the social network that “we will announce with the G7 that we will ban the import of Russian gold, a major import worth tens of billions of dollars to Russia.”

Biden’s goal is shared by the British Boris Johnsonaccording to sources in his delegation, according to whom the prime minister will try to convince the rest of the G7 – that is, including the EU partners, Germany, France and Italy – to join those sanctions.

The delegations of the three EU partners present in Elmau are already working on this possible extension of sanctions related to gold, although there are currently no decisions on the matter, German sources previously indicated.

Source: El heraldo