A Spanish judge allows sex change to an eight-year-old boy

A Spanish judge granted the gender reassignment to an eight-year-old boy, whose birth certificate appeared as a woman, when assessing “sufficient maturity” and his “stable transsexual situation”.

The magistrate’s decision – dated June 10 in a judicial resolution to which Efe had access – was announced this Monday, the same day the Spanish government will pass the transgender law, which allows gender reassignment in the registry without a medical or psychological report from 12 years under certain conditions and independent from the age of 16.

In his resolution, the magistrate, head of a player in the city of Ourense (Northwestern Spain), determines that the birth certificate of the minor must be corrected and that the designation of the gender be changed, meaning “male” and not “female” must be. †

This court decision follows a request from 2021, in which the parents of the child, Antonio, have applied for a change of civil status.

The magistrate had the opportunity last March to meet with the minor and verify his “sufficient maturity” and his “stable transsexual situation”.

Throughout the procedural document, the judge tells about the situation Antonio experienced and emphasizes that he always thought and felt like a man, which is why he allowed the change of sex in the registry office.

The government approves the trans-law bill on the eve of LGTBI Pride Day and a year after it gave the green light to the draft after long and arduous negotiations within the coalition executive that makes up the Socialist Party and the left-wing Podemos formation.

The current text, which will be sent to Congress for it to begin its parliamentary process, makes no “major changes” from the previous one; It contains improvements, but they do not deviate from the spirit of the law, according to sources from Efe of the Spanish Ministry of Equality.

The bill stipulates that the change of registered sex can be implemented from the age of 12: between the ages of 12 and 14, judicial approval is required; between 14 and 16 years, the help of parents or guardians; and from 16 there is no restriction.

The law “depathologises” transgender people so that the person’s will is the only requirement for change, ending medical records and the need for medical and legal guardianship. It also prohibits conversion therapies.

Source: El heraldo