What is known about the tragedy in Tuluá Prison

One of the greatest tragedies in Colombian prisons took place in the city this Tuesday Tulua (Valle del Cauca), where a fire caused by a fight between prisoners killed at least 51 people and injured 24, including two guards.

While on the edge of the jail Relatives of the prisoners waited in tears for the situation of their relatives, in Bogotá, the Minister of Justice, Wilson Ruizrevealed the balance of the tragedy, which he attributed to a fire caused by a fight between the inmates who set fire to the mats on which they sleep.

“We have 51 people who have been deprived of their liberty and who have died and another 24 were injured. This situation was caused by a fight between prisoners of liberty that took place on patio number 8,” said the head of the justice portfolio.

The minister explained that among the 24 injured there are two guards from the National Penitentiary and Prison Instituteinspec) who have suffered “minor injuries”.

As the investigations have not been completed, the reports assure that the majority of people have lost their lives as a result of “smoke inhalation”.

“I want to inform all public opinion that the investigations have started to establish the details of what happened and to provide clarity to the country about that event,” the minister said.

Source: El heraldo