Wild camel kills two people near Tennessee Educational Farm

Wild camel kills two people near Tennessee Educational Farm

Sheriff Carl Jackson said the animal attacked a police car. Later, when the officers tried to rescue one of the victims, the animal headed for them. “Just then, the officers had to leave the camel for the safety of all people on the ground.” Jackson said in a statement.

Identify victims as Bobby Methen, 42, of Ridgeley, Tennessee, and Tommy Gann, 67, Obon, Tennessee. They were reported dead on the spot, according to authorities, but the official cause of death is unknown.

The woman complains to the Confederate group and says a camel bit her at Jefferson Davis’ former home.

The Washington Post left a message on Monday asking for comment from Shirley Farm. The unnamed person answered the call with “We mourn” and declined to comment further.

It is not known how the camel was released or why it was attacked. Veterinarian and camel expert Bernard Faye said camels are peaceful animals that have good relationships with humans.

But Faye, president of the Camelid International Research and Development Association based in Montpellier, France, told The Post in a letter published Monday that camels can exhibit behaviors that are dangerous to humans or in certain situations, such as stress and fear. , the deterioration season – the annual period of sexual activity in the United States that lasts from November to March.

Faye explained that most of the camel accidents are caused by men.

Stunned camel collapses in Pittsburgh circus, 6 children injured

According to him, their aggressive behavior is usually “limited to kicking or sometimes biting, but sometimes people can run and kill by lying on top of people and pressing under their weight.”

Depending on the type of camel, the animals can grow to over six feet and weigh over 2,000 pounds and can run up to 40 mph if needed, according to Live Science.

Even a well-bred male camel can “go crazy” during the season of spoilage, Faye said. “The animal is really crazy,” she told The Post in an email. However, she said that accidents are not uncommon when the owner is able to handle the animal correctly.

During mastic season, male camels in the Middle East are often kept in an enclosed area called a paddock, while in Turkey their aggressive behavior is used for an annual wrestling festival, Faye said.

However, camel attacks do occur. In 2015, a male camel stood up and killed two people on foot on a Texas ranch. In 2017, a Florida woman sued a Confederate group, saying a camel bit her at Jefferson Davis’ home, causing fractures and other serious injuries. The following year, six children were injured when a frightened camel crashed into the Pittsburgh Mausoleum Circus.

Source: Washington Post