Medvedev, dramatic indiscretion about the former Russian president: “He would have attempted suicide”

I’Former Russian President Dmitry Medvedev would have attempted suicide. Clamorous truth or propaganda? The news is reported by telegram channel Svr Generalrun by a former lieutenant of Russian foreign secret services.

In the long post, we read that a Suicide attempt by Dmitry Medvedev: “While cleaning the office, a cleaning lady noticed several sheets of paper on the table and floor and discovered five variations of a farewell card written in Dmitry Anatolyevich’s large handwriting. The woman immediately informed the guards that they did indeed find Medvedev drunk and with a gun in his right hand.”

In fact, the details seem straight out of a Hollywood spy story, but so be it. Still according to the reconstruction, after a persuasion, Medvedev handed over the gun loaded with live bullets. Everything was immediately communicated Russian President Vladimir Putin who ordered to stop giving Medvedev alcohol and monitor him on sight until he makes a special decision.

In the farewell note, Dmitry Medvedev reportedly admitted that he was tired of being a puppet and that “he could no longer bear the humiliation and emotional suffering, he felt like a worthless person, incapable of anything, he hated war and those it unleashed.” blaming Russian President Vladimir Putin, Yuri Kovalchuk, Nikolai Patrushev, Alexander Bortnikov and Igor Sechin for his death.”

General Svr’s post concludes by noting that the message is chaotic and emotional in nature and was apparently written in a drunken state. He then notes, “If Medvedev’s suicide had been successful, how would the Russian leadership have fared?” In recent weeks, the former Russian president’s statements against Westerners (“bastards, I want to make them disappear, I hate them”) have surprised with the violence and brutality of the language.

Source: Iltempo