Ukrainian army attacks Russian military base in Melitopol

The Ukrainian army ‘neutralized’ a Russian military base in Melitopol, a city in southern Ukraine controlled by Russian forces, early Sunday morning.

“Today, the Ukrainian armed forces dismantled one of the Russian military bases in the city,” Ivan Fedorov said in a video posted to the social network Telegram.

The official added that “at 3:00 AM and 5:00 AM, only 30 attacks hit the military base”, adding that “the city of Melitopol is covered in smoke” and this fact “has lasted for several hours because a fuel that had caught fire at the base”.

A spokesman for the Ukrainian General Staff said today that the Ukrainian Air Force has carried out about 15 missions, mainly in the Zaporijia region, which includes Melitopol, and that “about 20 enemy equipment units and two ammunition depots” have been destroyed.

Evgueni Balitski, head of the pro-Russian government in the region, told Telegram that houses near the base had been damaged and that “projectiles fell on the territory of the airport”, guaranteeing that “there were no injuries” .

Ukrainian media posted several videos on social media showing a long column of smoke in the sky near Melitopol.

Melitopol was captured by Russian forces in the early days of the Russian invasion of Ukraine and a pro-Moscow government was quickly installed there.

Author: DN/Usage

Source: El heraldo