Pope Francis’ visit to Moscow and kyiv could take place after the end of July

Pope Francis wants to visit Moscow and kyiv and says the trip could take place after visiting Canada in late July.

In an interview with the news agency. ReutersFrancis added that contacts between the Vatican Secretary of State and the Russian Foreign Minister are already underway.

“I would like to go to Ukraine and I wanted to go to Moscow first. We exchanged messages about this, because I thought that if the Russian president gave me a chance, maybe I would go there to serve the cause of peace. And now, when I return from Canada , it is possible that I can go to Ukraine. The first thing is to go to Russia to try to help, but I would also like to go to both capitals, “he stressed.

Pope Francis is scheduled to visit Canada between July 24 and 29. The Pope says that after this trip, there is the possibility of visiting Moscow and kyiv.

Also in an interview with Reuters, Francis denied that he was planning to resign from the highest post in the Catholic Church. This possibility has been discussed as a result of the health problems that the Pope has been suffering. However, Francis rejected this possibility.

“Not at the moment, really, but if the moment comes when I see that I cannot do it, I will do it, and the excellent example of Pope Benedict XVI was a very good thing for the Church, he told the Popes to stop. time. Benedito was fabulous. We don’t know when I’m going to leave, God will tell,” he explained.

Source: TSF