Portugal’s support for Ukraine’s reconstruction is “recognition of the absurdity of war”

The education minister said on Tuesday that Portugal’s support for Ukraine’s reconstruction is “not a pure act of solidarity and cooperation”, but rather the “recognition of the absurdity of this war, of the brutality of the attacks”.

“Portugal’s will to support the reconstruction of Ukraine is not a pure act of solidarity and cooperation. It is an acknowledgment of the absurdity of this war, of the brutality of the attacks on civilian targets, regardless of the fundamental international treaties,” said João Costa, during the Lugano Conference, Switzerland, which aims to draw up a plan for the reconstruction of Ukraine.

The meeting, which began Monday, is expected to draft the intervention plan for the recovery of the country, which was invaded on February 24.

Portugal will help rebuild schools in Ukraine’s Jitomir region, the city of which is about 150 kilometers from Kiev, where an estimated 70 schools have been destroyed by the war.

The minister recalled today that “schools are the best places to build peace, ensure civility and democracy. The destruction of schools is a despicable act of power against children, against their dreams. Attacking schools is attacking the very core of humanity.” .

“No child should be forced to wake up to the sound of the bombing”

“If war is always unfair, this sense of injustice is greater when we think of children. No child should be forced to wake up to the sound of bombing, no child should be pushed out of bed to escape, no child child should feel the fear of not knowing if his father will live until the end of the day,” said João Costa today.

Ukrainian government estimates point to 1,200 educational institutions in the war-ravaged country.

Portugal, along with other countries, will be responsible for the requalification of educational institutions from kindergartens to secondary schools in the Jitomir region, and the specific number of schools that will be responsible for Portugal is still under study.

“Please accept our commitment as an expression of solidarity, and above all as a way of telling Ukrainian children that Portugal does not accept their suffering and losses. We bet on them to ensure that war through education will no longer be a solution for something.

The war in Ukraine has resulted in the flight of millions of people, with Portugal so far providing 46,181 temporary protections, 28% of which have been granted to minors (about 13,000 children), according to data released today by the Foreigners and Borders Service (SEF ).

Since the beginning of the conflict, Portuguese schools have opened their doors to these students and there are about 4,700 students enrolled in Portuguese education, according to the minister.

“We have had a very stable number of enrollments at the end of the 3rd term and already with the forecast with the registrations for the 1st term of next year, with a very stable number of 4,700 students,” he moved to the Lusa on Monday.

The conference will be attended by representatives of 36 countries and international organizations such as the World Bank, the World Health Organization or the European Union.

Author: DN/Lusa

Source: El heraldo