Which Stinger surface-to-air missiles does the Netherlands send to Ukraine?

“You can use it to stop approaching aircraft, drones and helicopters,” says defense expert Peter Wijninga. “Stingers are outdated by Dutch standards, but they are still excellent and effective to use. We are currently using other sources related to radar systems.” According to Wijninga, Stingers could have been sent to Ukraine earlier, because there was more equipment in that sense.

Dick Zandee, defense expert at the Clingendael Institute, also has doubts about when the missiles were dispatched. “The question comes from are they still on time. Russia is now putting a lot of went to fly airborne troops, because roads are impassable as per those by helicopter. have.”

Not particularly binding

The defense acknowledges that the Netherlands is experiencing “logistical difficulties” in delivering previously promised goods such as helmets, splinter vests and sniper rifles. How to deliver missiles to Ukrainian troops? Two experts can’t say for sure, but they assume the move has already begun.

Wijninga notes that the Polish-Ukrainian border is open as usual. “There will be backlogs of refugees and Ukraine will closely monitor whether men of healthy age want to cross the border. Of course Poland also keeps a close eye on who is coming. This causes delays, but that does not mean that ‘nothing should cross the border’.

Wijninga said this new alliance with Ukraine could set off a backlash from the Russians. “While these are purely defensive weapons, it is possible that Russia is making its voice heard. However, this should be seen as a new threat. Also think of the recently inaugurated Russian ambassador. threatened with nuclear weapons. because he knows that the Dutch are afraid of nuclear war. Then they give up, let the Russians think. That’s why I say don’t compromise.”

Source : NOS