They rescue a blind dog abandoned by its owner in the yard of a house

“That’s how they abandoned him, like his life was worth nothing, like he was a stuffed animal, like he didn’t feel… How are you going to leave your house with the note written, put the chest strap on him, put his belt on and take him out for a walk like any other day, knowing you’re abandoning him? How can there be people with so much evil?” The foundation posted on its Instagram account, along with the video of the moment Adriano was left.

‘s comments indignation they didn’t wait. “Poor! My heart broke when I saw this”, “My God, how sad, just thinking about what he feels or what he has been through in his years with someone who leaves him like this”, “That girl is a soulless” , are some of the messages that are read.

Adriano is currently in foster care while waiting to be adopted by a family willing to take care of it and fill it with love.

Source: El heraldo