The ‘Protection caravans’ for drivers are on their way

The ‘Protection caravans’ for drivers are on their way

After the Security Council that started this Tuesday evening Barranquillameeting attended by Defense Minister Diego Molano and the local authorities, yesterday the ‘Caravans of protection’ in seven road sections of the city and its metropolitan area, where the public authorities are trying to close the criminal fence against ‘the coast Rastrojos’ after the wave of murders of registered public transport drivers in recent days.

As is known, the most recent assessment and follow-up of the security equipment carried out in Barranquilla in recent hours has resulted in the authorities, led by the head of the defense portfolio, drawing up a shock plan with the aim of guaranteeing mobility and protection public service drivers.

“We want to restore peace of mind to drivers and citizens with the security of 51 critical points and seven transport routes, in which authorities are working to control safety for the city,” he said. defense.

Source: El heraldo