The keys to restore Colombia-Venezuela relations

The keys to restore Colombia-Venezuela relations

Next week, August 19, it will be seven years since the border closure was ordered by Nicholas Madurowho later hardened his position with Colombia by severing diplomatic relations on February 23, 2019, in response to support given to the Venezuelan opposition leader by then Colombian president, Iván Duque. Juan Guaido.

This turbulent relationship between the two countries has just taken a turn with the election of Gustavo Petroc, greeted by Maduro from the start. However, the road will not be rosy and there are challenges to make the relationship between the two countries succeed.

In conversations with THE HERALDGabriel Orozco Restrepo, an international political analyst, recalled that Maduro erected barricades at several points on the border, mainly on the Simón Bolívar Bridge.
“This breakup caused the rise of illegal steps, generated a crisis social and economic. Illegal roads and paths were made possible for the transit of all kinds of contraband products such as gasoline, markets and also people.”

In this sense, experts outline the following points in the: route for the reactivation.

Source: El heraldo