US: Three police officers who brutally beat a man in Arkansas have been released Warning: Strong image display

After a video of three police officers brutally beating a man outside a Crawford supermarket, Arkansas went viral on social media. The state police has suspended the employees.

On the other hand, Arkansas Republican Governor Asa Hutchinson assured that the incident will be investigated. The state police confirm that an investigation has been opened. if disproportionate force was used in the arrest, This should be determined by the local promoter.

The officers have stopped the investigation. Crawford County Sheriff James Damante said he would take “appropriate action” in the case.

Two of the officers in the video are from Crawford County and the third is from Mulberry Police. who also suspended his agent.

The video shows how three men They repeatedly beat the man, identified as 27-year-old Randall Worcester.

in the time of the officer He hits his head on the ground several times and the other puts his knees on his legs. And the third officer pins him to the ground.

#stop: Arkansas state police are investigating the incident, which was captured by a camera outside a grocery store in Crawford County. ASP says two provincial deputies and a Mulberry police officer were involved. #ARNews


— Mitchell McCoy (@MitchellMcCoy) August 21, 2022

The events took place outside the Mulberry store on Sunday morning. in Crawford County, near the Oklahoma border.

According to early reports, Worcester threatened a clerk and pushed an officer who heeded the employee’s call. After the beating, he had to be treated in hospital, from where He was later transferred to the county jail.

He is suspected of second-degree assault. Resistance to, among other things, arrest, assault, terrorist threats and criminal possession of a weapon.

🇺🇸 | Three police officers brutally beat a man outside a grocery store in Crawford County, Arkansas, US.

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