Family finds dog five years after she disappeared

A Galician family from the town of Ribadumia, in Spain, was joined by Lúa, a Yorkshire dog who had disappeared about five years ago when the festivities were taking place in the town.

María José, owner of Lúa, received an unexpected phone call that brought a happy ending to the family. He was told they had found his dog. María still thought they were referring to the dog she’d been given three years after Lúa’s disappearance.

“I thought they told me they found my other dog and I told them that when I went to work in the morning, he was home,” María explained to Spanish television channel Telecinco. It was then that he realized it was Lúa, whose identity was recognized through the microchip.

When Lúa got home, everyone was waiting for her like it was “a party.” Cousins, brothers-in-law, sisters… all family members welcomed the dog and even moved the civil defense officers who came to pick her up.

After she was found, Lua was poorly cared for and found to have scabies. Now, after receiving veterinary care, he is recovering with his family.

The disappearance of the dog was deeply felt by the family, not only by María, but also by the children. The moment the dog disappeared, people searched for her in and around the city for days. But some time later they lost all hope. Five years later, joy returned to the house.

Author: DN

Source: El heraldo