India oppressed by monsoon: woman electrocuted to death in flooded street

A 23-year-old woman was electrocuted to death in Bangalore, India, after inadvertently touching a high voltage cable after falling into a flooded street while riding her scooter.

Author: Davide Falcioni

A 23-year-old woman died bangalorein India due to heavy rains that are keeping the city to its knees for the third day in a row.

According to the first findings, the woman is dead. electrocuted after connecting an electrical cable submerged in the street when returning home from work on a scooter, through the flooded streets of the neighborhood of Siddapura. The victim was crossing a stretch of water to at least knee height when he lost control of the motorcycle and fell. After getting up, she inadvertently touched a high voltage cable, which shocked her. Some of those present were there to rescue her and transport her to the nearest hospital, where she arrived still alive but in a very serious condition. The woman died shortly after from serious injuries from the electric shock.

The megalopolis of Karnataka, India’s capital of information technologies, with more than 8.5 million inhabitants, has been paralyzed since Sunday due to monsoon rains that caused, among other things, the flooding of Lake Halanayakanahalli that submerged the Sarjapur road. the main arteries.

Many companies and public bodies have invited employees, for the second day in a row, to refrain from traveling to alleviate the chaotic transport situation and resume smart work. The IMD, the Meteorological Department of India, predicts that the rains will continue for the next two days.

Source: Fan Page IT