Found body of kidnapped heiress while jogging

It belongs to heiress Eliza Fletcher, 34, a teacher and granddaughter of well-known Memphis businessman Joseph Orgill III, the lifeless body found last Monday during police searches in Memphis. The woman was kidnapped and forced into an SUV while jogging on Friday around 4 am local time near the city’s university. Tennessee police reports.

According to the reconstruction provided by police, a man approached her and forced her into the SUV after a brief altercation and the woman was declared missing after failing to return from her morning run. It would be Cleotha Abston, 38, who was reportedly arrested after police detected her DNA on a pair of sandals found near the spot where Fletcher was last seen.

Abston was released in November 2020 after serving prison time for kidnapping a well-known Memphis lawyer in 2000, Kemper Durand.

Source: IL Tempo