Mom inhales lighter fluid and dies. The 1-year-old left to himself: dead

Mom inhales lighter fluid and dies.  The 1-year-old left to himself: dead

Natalie Kane reportedly died on Christmas Eve in her Whitehaven, UK. He would have inhaled butane. Little son Harry, left to himself, died of dehydration.

Author: Biagio Chiariello

A one-year-old English child died for dehydration after his mother, 27, passed away after inhaling liquids for lighters (butane), leaving him alone and helpless in his apartment last Christmas.

Natalie Kane and your son torment 14-month-old boy found dead in his apartment whitehaven, inside Cumbria, inside UK. A friend of the woman was expecting them to spend the Christmas holidays together. In a scene that left paramedics “visibly distraught”, Harry and his mother were found dead at least five days after his death in December.

The investigation found that the child died of dehydration after being effectively left alone when his mother passed away from substance abuse.

Natalie Kane, 27, had previously suffered from drug addiction, but from a check-up a week before her death, she tested positive only for methadone, taken in heroin replacement therapy for drug addicts. However, on Christmas Eve, he reportedly decided to inhale lighter liquids: the effects were catastrophic.

During the investigation it was established that the woman suffered from depression for much of her life after the problems drug addiction and domestic abuse.

A friend stated that “she wanted to avoid her ex-partner and Harry’s father”, Nathan Ryan, “to avoid repeating toxic and negative behaviors”.

Everyone who knew and witnessed her spoke of her as “a loving and devoted mother whose life revolved around her son Harry”.

Concluding the investigation, the coroner said: “What we will never know is why Natalie inhaled butane. He was doing well, he had changed his life, he was clearly not abusing heroin, which had been his drug of choice.

He added: “Natalie Kane died at her home between December 24th and 25th. Harry died of dehydration, having been left alone after his mother died.”

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