The story of the 13-year-old who lived for months in a miserable, cold house: “He ate only cereal”

The story of the 13-year-old who lived for months in a miserable, cold house: “He ate only cereal”

The boy lived in “dirty” conditions for five months, amid lack of heating, frozen food and dirty dishes. The incident took place in Dundee, Scotland.

Author: Lorenzo Bonuomo

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He lived alone, abandoned by his mother, amid dirty clothes and moldy dishes, frozen food and dirt everywhere. He spent his days in a house cold from the lack of heating in the winter months. So he spent about five monthsfrom December 2020 to April 27, 2021, a boy of only 13 years old left alone in an abandoned apartment in Dundee, Scotland. The young man’s mother is Michelle Williamson, a 36-year-old woman with nine dependent children.

It all started with the young man’s request to his mother to have more space for him in the house. In December 2020, the woman decided to comply with the 13-year-old’s request, allowing him to move into an abandoned house for at least five days a week. Ultimately, it was Dundee’s social services that intervened to remove the boy from a situation defined as “squalid” by the British media. The boy actually survived among canned foods and bowls of cereal, while at night he slept on a dirty mattress in the living room. The only heated room in the entire apartment. This is what emerges from the reconstruction of the facts by the Dundee Court of Justice.

According to the court, no one from City Child Protection had raised concerns about Williamson and her children. The boy’s ordeal made its way into the closing credits after an anonymous phone call to the municipality, which alerted social workers to his plight. These, in turn, asked the police to carry out the appropriate checks.

As soon as they arrived at the apartment, in the Kirkton neighborhood, it was the boy who opened the door for the agents. “At first the boy said he was alone because his mother had gone shopping. The young man then offered to call his mother to get confirmation of his version of events. All before admitting that they had just found this solution. to gain more space,” said promoter Dev Kapadia.

According to what is known of Kapadia, agents noticed the presence of five pounds on the counter, but by the time they arrived the apartment was cold, with dirty bowls and abandoned dishes everywhere. “The boy survived in that house sometimes eating up to three bowls of cereal a day, his mother occasionally gave him frozen food,” according to reports.

During the period of abandonment of the 13-year-old son, Williamson went on to work as a health assistant at a private clinic.. After her arrest and subsequent conviction to 160 hours of socially useful work, the woman was fired. “I don’t understand how anyone allowed this situation to continue for so long,” the sheriff said of the case. “Williamson made some serious mistakes, but he learned an important lesson,” said attorney David Duncan in his defense.

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