Chimpanzee escaping from zoo in Ukraine, filmed hugging caretaker and then returning on bike

Chimpanzee escaping from zoo in Ukraine, filmed hugging caretaker and then returning on bike

Videos taken by passersby show the animal returning to the cage on a bicycle, covered in a jacket, along with zoo staff.

Author: Lorenzo Bonuomo

It seems strange to say it, in times of war, but this time the story that comes from the city of Kharkiv in Ukraine, semi-destroyed by Russian bombs. The protagonist is the chimpanzee chichi, escaped from the municipal zoo on Tuesday. The facility’s staff later retrieved the primate, as it silently roamed the city’s streets.

After several failed attempts, zoo operators managed to convince the chimpanzee to re-enter the cage, just as rain began to fall on the city. On social media they are going viral the videos filmed by passersby documenting the history. The images immortalize zoo workers as they take Chi-Chi on her bike back to her destination. All after covering it with a yellow raincoat. Oleksiy Hryhoriev, the zoo’s director, later confirmed to Ukrainian public broadcaster Suspilne that the animal had safely returned to its cage. The story had the merit of giving a small moment of joy to the people of Kharkiv amidst the horrors of war.

At the start of the conflict, reports The Guardian, Chi-Chi had been evacuated from the zoo. Feldman Ecological Park, located about a dozen kilometers from the center of Kharkiv, where his new home is located. Starting in March, after weeks of daily bombing, the city center was less frequently hit by Russian missiles and bombs. However, Kharkiv regional authorities reported last week that a rocket hit the central area of ​​the city again, killing at least four civilians. The same fate befell a woman yesterday in the eastern part of Kharkiv.

As is true of all the townspeople, and the rest of the animals present at the town zoo, Chi-Chi still cannot be considered completely out of danger. But fate had already smiled on her once, before yesterday’s escape: according to what was announced by the owner of Feldman Ecopark, businessman Oleksandr Feldman, around 100 animals lost their lives as a result of the bombing, before they could be evacuated. Fortunately for Chi-Chi, she wasn’t one of them.

Source: Fan Page IT