“It breaks my heart what the autopsy showed”: mother of a young soldier

The results of the necropsy confirmed the writing of “violent death‘ which appeared on his death certificate about two months ago. A “closed abdominal trauma‘ was the cause of his death. the news that Esneider Moreno Ring19 years old, had collapsed, pale and with obvious signs of intoxication found in one of the bathrooms of the Infantry Battalion No.19 Joaquín Paris, in San José de Guaviare, take less credibility for his family, after they got their hands on the opinion of the forensic experts.

EL HERALDO reached race 3rd with calle 53, away Americahouse in which their family membersand in which they met to demand justice for the deed.

Karenis Milagros Moreno at no point was he separated from a painting with the photo of “are small”. In dialogue with this medium, he said that “it is very sad to see what the verdict gave, they killed my son, it is not fair that he left to fulfill his dreams and they return him to me as they did.”

The conversation He stopped when the young man’s mother began to speak to his portrait through tears, words that pierced his bones like sticks. hearts from those present:Love youyou had many wishes for me, you would give me a house, but it was not the idea that they would kill you there”.

Source: El heraldo