Hillary Clinton’s Revelation: “I Forgot My Daughter In The Kremlin, It Was Very Traumatic”

Hillary Clinton’s Revelation: “I Forgot My Daughter In The Kremlin, It Was Very Traumatic”

Former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton revealed on TV that she forgot her daughter Chelsea at the Kremlin years ago during an official visit with her husband Bill. But Moscow denied: “Just nonsense.”

Author: Ida Artiaco

“Some years ago I forgot my daughter at Kremlin”.

Speaking is the former first lady of the USA Hillary Clinton that, participating last night in the Tonight by Jimmy Fallon, told an anecdote that occurred some years ago during a trip to fly along with her husband Bill.

During the broadcast, the presenter asked the former Secretary of State, now 74, the “I remember crazier than a family vacation. “After some thought, she recounted when she and Bill left their daughter. Chelsea in the Kremlin, on an official visit during her husband’s presidential term.

“I hope Chelsea don’t remember that because it was very traumatic”, Clinton laughed, adding, “We took her to Russia when we went on a state visit,” Hilary Clinton said, “there were formal goodbyes, so Bill and I were introduced to the great limousine presidential office to go to the airport, unaware that we had left him behind. I mean, can you imagine leaving your only child in the Kremlin? Especially with everything that’s happened?”

The episode, however, was quickly dismissed by fly. Vladimir Shevchenko, former chief of protocol to Russia’s first president, Boris Yeltsinin office during the Clintons’ visit to the official Ria Novosti in fact, he defined “a Absurd”what was said by the former first lady.

“I don’t remember a case like that – he said – Clinton is nonsense when he says that 20 years ago his daughter was lost in the Kremlin. We don’t record such a fact”.

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