Queen Elizabeth, Caprarica: “Charles will welcome the Crown, death will block the country”

Queen Elizabeth, Caprarica: “Charles will welcome the Crown, death will block the country”

Queen Elizabeth’s death at age 96

Queen Elizabeth passed away after a few hours under medical observation in Baltimoral. Antonio Caprarica spoke about this a few hours before the announcement to Fanpage.it: “The publicity of the ad must make us fear the worst, the death of the queen will have very high costs for the country”

Interview with Antonio Caprarica
Journalist, writer, essayist and royal family expert
Author: Gabriella Mazzeo

Queen Elizabeth’s death at age 96

Queen Elizabeth’s condition rapidly worsened today, Thursday, September 8th. The sovereign remained under medical observation at her Balmoral residence until her death, which was announced by the royal family’s official Twitter account at around 7:30 pm. The UK followed the updates with bated breath until the epilogue.

“The publicity of the announcement of his state of health makes us realize the seriousness of the situation at this moment – he explained to the fanpage.it in the hours before the sovereign’s death journalist Antonio Caprarica, well-known face of Rai and expert of the royal family -. Charles will be the only one to welcome the Crown as provided for in the Constitution”.

Journalist Antonio Caprarica
Journalist Antonio Caprarica

So, should the ad’s publicity make us think of imminent death?

Yes, his condition is critical. Family members have been summoned to Balmoral for what appears to be his final farewell. Carlo will obviously welcome the Crown as planned and in a few months we will talk about the coronation.

How long will the national mourning last?

At least three months. For three days London will be completely blocked off, all activities will be stopped, then there will still be months of national mourning between the death of the sovereign and the new settlement. No one knows when Charles will be officially crowned, what is certain is that he will be king immediately after his mother’s death. There will be no vacant seats.

Queen Elizabeth II (photo: TOLGA AKMEN/AFP via Getty Images)
Queen Elizabeth II (photo: TOLGA AKMEN/AFP via Getty Images)

What is the London Bridge operation?

The one scheduled for the state funeral. London Bridge is the codename given to the Queen and the plan simply marks the procedures to be followed post mortem. It will be a similar funeral to the one we had for Princess Diana, but obviously it will be more solemn and majestic. The coffin will be displayed in Westminster Hall: for the Queen Mother the exhibition lasted two days. Considering Elizabeth’s popularity, we have to imagine such a thing with a large influx of people.

Where will she be buried?

You will be transported by the funeral procession to the memorial chapel of King George VI, where his parents, sister and husband are also buried.

What are the succession procedures?

Upon the Queen’s death, Charles will receive a new symbol of legal authority and Elizabeth’s death will be heralded with the classic formula: “The Queen is dead, long live the King”. This is because, as I said just now, there can be no vacant seats. Charles will be king shortly after his mother’s death, although the official coronation takes place in several months. The prince will hold his first meeting with royal advisers once the funeral ceremonies are over. From there, the liquidation process will begin with the consequent official ceremony of which, however, we are not sure.

How much would such an event cost the country?

Very very. The country should change the images printed on the currency and stamps, we are talking about a real forced stop of the gears of an entire nation. National mourning for the funeral and coronation ceremony will cost between £1 and £5 billion of GDP. Stores and offices will remain closed and will not work. National television will also change programming, thus forgoing advertising revenue.

Source: Fan Page IT