Queen Elizabeth ‘is dead’, BBC journalist triggers panic

Queen Elizabeth ‘is dead’, BBC journalist triggers panic

Queen Elizabeth’s deteriorating health has attracted the attention of half the world and fueled a series of rampant rumors that the 96-year-old may already be dead, and Buckingham Palace is just waiting for the moment to make the announcement. Adding to the rumors unconfirmed by official sources was also the tweet of a BBC journalist, Yalda Hakim, who at 15:07 local time, wrote on her profile: “Queen Elizabeth II has died at the age of 96. The announcement of Buckingham Palace “.

Shortly after the twist: “Tweeted that there was an announcement of the Queen’s death. This was incorrect, there was no announcement, so I deleted the tweet. I apologize.” That tweet did not quell the controversy, with many users speculating that he had told the truth but then had to “cover up” the news. Most likely he accidentally published a post saved as a “draft”.

Suspicions are revived by a flash from Dagospia who cites an article in the Giornale d’Italia, according to which the sovereign died “at 3:47 pm on Thursday, September 8, 2022″, with the official announcement scheduled for 6:00 pm”. who are waiting for the markets to close?” writes Roberto D’Agostino’s website. The suspicions are mainly based on British media reports, with several members of the royal family rushing to Balmoral Castle (Harry and Meghan are also on their way), where Queen Elizabeth is under medical supervision, and the fact that the maestros of the BBC – which interrupted normal programming – appeared dressed in black, as provided for among other things by the plan “London Bridge is down”, the official protocol that lists all the passages after the death of the sovereign.

As reported by the Journal, which quotes experts from the British Royal House, “all signs lead to an imminent announcement of the death of the Queen”, Elizabeth, because all the rituals of the “London Bridge is down” plan are being fulfilled.

Source: IL Tempo