The world closes an era with the death of Elizabeth II

One of the most lively figures of the twentieth century she was the queen Elizabeth the Second. Names like Nelson Mandela, John Paul II and Mikhail Gorbachevi, are just a few world figures who have left this world in different periods. This Thursday he died on his… 96 years of life and 70 of dominion, the greatest monarch that the United Kingdom. Queen among kings.

To many people in the world she was just the queen. To dry. The only one that most people had known not only in the European country, but in the whole world.

Their transcendence went into the field more than symbolic than the political: it was his silence and his ability to their . hide opinions or emotions that earned him his reputation.

At a time when certainties are disappearing and everything seems less solid, Elizabeth II – as the Prime Minister described, Liz Trussin his farewell speech – to the “rock” on which the United Kingdom modern.

Source: El heraldo