Cancer in an organ that (almost) no one knows, but everyone has

Cancer in an organ that (almost) no one knows, but everyone has

“Miss, you have thymoma.”

With these words, Janneke (53, pseudonym) from Overijssel learned at the end of last year that he was ill. He didn’t know whether to be really scared or panicked. He had no idea what thymoma was.

“It was a thymus tumor, I found out later,” he says. “Then a whole new world opened up for me. When I thought of dessert, I thought of desserts served in restaurants. I didn’t know it really existed in humans. He may also be sick. from him.”


A hundred times a year someone in the Netherlands receives the same diagnosis as Janneke. Florit Marcuse, doctor-researcher and pulmonologist by training at the UMC+ in Maastricht, has been researching the rare tumor for years and will receive his doctorate next week on the subject. Conclusion: Thymic disorders are rare, but the treatment of these patients could be better in our country.

“Everyone has a thymus gland, Marcuse says, but hardly anyone knows about it. It weighs about 40 grams and is located behind the sternum, near the lungs and heart. The thymus is very important for a child: it nourishes our immune system. Without the thymus you would have many infections.”

Source: RTL