Former McDonald’s employees are suing cases of sexual harassment in parliament

Former McDonald’s employees are suing cases of sexual harassment in parliament

Also in Brazil, Gabriel Milbrat spent a year and nine months at McDonald’s, a period of homophobiaracism and bullying”.

“The worst thing was the sexual harassment,” said the young man, adding that he “dreamed” to start his professional career in the fast food chain because it “is a company that gives you opportunities to function too young”.

He reported that on the first day of work he was already the victim of: racism by his boss and some time later he started treating him in a homophobic way.

In any case, he emphasized that what led him to the… function it happened during the coronavirus pandemic, when one day he fell asleep in the locker room during lunch break and when he woke up his superior ejaculated on him.

Milbrat added that they also forced him to collect used condoms in the restaurant bathroom and when he asked for gloves he was told there were none.

In FranceMathilde, 23, suffered moral and sexual harassment while working at McDonald’s.

He also indicated that a colleague had been asked by the restaurant manager for images of this comrade. naked.

“Imagine, you are nineteen years old, it is your first job and when you ask for information, they answer you: I will only tell you if you sex. It’s what I’ve lived,” Mathilde communicated about her experience in the company.

Given the situation they were in, she and her colleagues started a strike to demand that they both… aggressor as if management stopped morally harassing them, but the moral harassment spread and the company blamed them for letting the press know, he assured.

“McDonald’s uses more energy to punish victims than to protect them,” he denounced.

She assured that the fast food chain eventually fired her for “liked” a critical comment on ” Facebookwhile the other strike organizers were pressured to resign.

However, Mathilde has filed a lawsuit against McDonald’s for unfair dismissal, moral harassment and sexual harassment.

Source: El heraldo