Majesty, History and Power: The Life of Elizabeth II

Majesty, History and Power: The Life of Elizabeth II

Born on April 21, 1926, when the world was just recovering from the First World Wargrew up in a family traditionally unprepared for inheriting the throne.

His father, the king George VI, was the second son of Jorge V. However, his older brother, Eduardo VIII, decided to step down because he was pursuing the love of Wallis Simpson after being in power for less than a year. Controversy and scandal settled around the royal family.

So, with the modesty of royalties at stake, Jorge had to take the title, lay the responsibility of ruling on his progeny, pave the way for his first-bornIsabel, who was only 10 years old when he began his term of office, began to prepare for the noble mission he was to receive.

‘Lilibet’, as she was called by her close family circle, grew up in the company of her sister daisy, with whom he was only four years apart. Together they received constant advice from the two queens who lived in Buckingham: their mother Elizabeth I and their grandmother, the Queen Mother Mary.

In this way, she managed to have a peaceful childhood and youth until she was called by her predecessor to join the Auxiliary Territorial Service, the female branch of the British Army, under the WWII19 years old.

Source: El heraldo