Couple charged with attempted murder of Cristina Fernández

Couple charged with attempted murder of Cristina Fernández

The indictment against Judge María Eugenia Capuchetti, released by several media outlets, including the official, says Fernando Sabag Montiel and his girlfriend Brenda Uliarte were charged with “attempting to kill Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, relying on prior planning and agreement between the two. ” Telem desk.

Last Thursday night, Montiel aimed less than three feet from Fernández’s head when he was surrounded by followers who stood outside his house to show their support after his demand for 12 years in prison and his continued disqualification from charges. tax on corruption charges.

The attacker, 35, who had Nazi symbols tattooed on his skin, and his 23-year-old girlfriend have so far been arrested for the attempted murder of the former president (2007-2015).

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Justice also said that five friends of the two detainees, all street vendors of cotton candy, are being investigated to determine whether they had any role in the incident. All testified as witnesses, but had to hand in their cell phones.

The judge’s charge is preliminary, as he has ten days from the preliminary statement to decide whether the accused should be prosecuted or fired.

On Tuesday, Montiel was summoned to extend his preliminary Friday testimony, but declined to testify at both hearings; He would only say that his girlfriend “had nothing to do with the attempted murder or planning,” according to forensic sources.


Uliarte, who was mirrored in the security cameras near the scene at the time of the attack, said he was only going to accompany his friend.

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In a television interview prior to her arrest, the young woman said she had not seen her boyfriend for 48 hours before the attack.

Uliarte is said to have been nearby and has found the weapon used in the failed attack before August 5, which was seized by the police on the spot.

On the charge, the judge confirmed that both Fernández had acted “by taking advantage of the vulnerable situation created by the mob”.

Caliber 38, straight to Fernandez’s Head

38-caliber Bersa pistol aimed at Kirchner’s head, but the bullets didn’t stop for reasons still unclear. His followers were waiting outside his house to testify when the vice president saluted him. their support.

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Amid the turmoil, Kirchner apparently did not realize he was the target of the gun and continued to sign books for a few minutes before entering his home, with some of the followers holding the attacker there until they were arrested by police.

The government fell apart this Wednesday, thinking that the agents who have custody of the vice president “may just not be at the level they should,” the Télam agency reported.

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