Miriam never wants breast implants again: ‘I would rather have grabbed these poison bombs’

Miriam never wants breast implants again: ‘I would rather have grabbed these poison bombs’

“Six years ago, when my second daughter was one and a half years old, I stopped breastfeeding. I always had a D-cup but now I have almost no breasts anymore. It looked like two empty tea bags. I was completely unhappy. I was only twenty-six and couldn’t get used to those breasts. I made an appointment with a cosmetic clinic for breast augmentation quite impulsively. I wanted to feel good in my body again. Because of the risk of sweating sickness. I was never warned about silicone or breast implants.

I’ve been told that the risk of infection or capsular contraction is very low, that’s all. But honestly I didn’t want to know either, I had this breast augmentation in mind. I was on a forum for women considering or getting implants and everyone loved it. I wanted this too. I bury my head in the sand and consciously avoided reading negative experiences.”

“Two months after the admission interview, I went under the knife. Empty pockets were filled with prostheses and nicely filled again. The result was beautiful and natural, I was very happy with the increase, excitedly shouted ‘don’t do it’. hesitate, just do it!”

Abdominal bloating and bad skin

“Although I now realize that my complaints came out fairly quickly after the procedure. In three months, I gained thirteen kilos. I thought it was because of my strength training, my muscles just got worse. Suddenly my jaw ached. I’m stuck and my back is covered in pimples even though I don’t have any.

About a year after the breast augmentation, I noticed that I quickly got a bloated stomach after eating. While I was already eating very healthy, I thought it was a food intolerance, so I stopped eating meat. Then I skipped gluten, maybe that was it? Nothing helped, my intestinal and stomach problems remained. Now it’s getting out of hand, I’m in bed every day with severe stomach pain.”

“I also became more and more forgetful, it just slipped in. At first it was funny: distracted Miriam forgets everything. But of course it wouldn’t have been fun if I hadn’t been on a date. If you or I were a couple – don’t go out. I often stopped writing words that I did not dare to speak. Then I felt stupid. Still, I quickly dismissed these complaints: Every young mother with a busy life suffers from a bad memory, I’ve heard that from my friends too. I did not disclose the connection to my implants at the time and hesitated.

murder tits

“The documentary Moordtieten was released last year, in which YouTuber Dionne Slagter explores the world of breast implants and was shocked when it all turned out to be a time bomb. Friends sent me to this documentary, but I didn’t want it. I saw it first, I was afraid of the consequences because I was always happy with my breasts. When I saw this documentary, I felt I had to have implants, I’d rather bury my head in the sand.

“Three months later the agitation got so big that I went to watch. And I recognized all the symptoms: lack of concentration, mood swings, hair loss, food intolerances, depression, skin problems, etc. I thought it was very intense that it could be my prostheses.”

accept the truth

“At the same time, I finally felt heard. Because I often went to my doctor with my complaints and had blood tests done, but nothing special came out. On the contrary: my values ​​were good. Sometimes I suggested. my family and friends said I might have breast implant disease (complications from prosthetics, editors note), but they nodded: no, the chances were very slim, I really didn’t have it.

They really wanted to comfort me. But I didn’t always feel like I was being taken seriously. I finally started to doubt myself, maybe it was all in my head. I had to see this documentary and face the facts.”

“Still, the decision to have my breast implants removed was not an easy one. I meditated, wrote and thought a lot about why I chose breast augmentation. Why did I think I need a full glass to feel good? I’m good enough and it doesn’t take a big front. This negotiation lasted about ten months.

When I spoke to an acquaintance who had had her implants removed via Instagram and who has been feeling much better since then, I knew for sure: I had to have them removed too. I made an appointment with the hospital and got an ultrasound. It turned out that my left prosthesis was no longer intact. I was shocked by this, I would rather remove those poison bombs as soon as possible.”

on the waiting list

“But unfortunately that doesn’t happen. I am on the waiting list for prosthesis removal and breast lift. My turn will be in December at the earliest. I was devastated when I heard this. My decision took a long time. , I finally decided and now I couldn’t help myself. I felt even sicker then, but now it seems as if my complaints were not serious enough. I have to wait for surgery. I can not. wait and see: sedation, pain, recovery… Still I think I woke up after the operation and immediately felt a great relief and I hope that I will soon feel better, both physically and mentally.

“Now I say to women considering breast augmentation, think about it. And don’t think you’ll feel better if you have big breasts. Instead, ask yourself why you don’t feel good enough this way. .of course I should have accepted and appreciated my small breasts before you poked at you Luckily everyone is different and we don’t all look alike it gets boring I kissed that’s what I always tell my kids now I have to believe it myself

show real photo

“I should never have lost my breasts. Although I believe in regret, because you learn from everything. I have learned that I am good the way I am and that I can inspire others. I openly share about breast implant disease and my experiences. Instagram and I get very good reactions to it. It’s important to show the real picture, especially on social media where everything seems perfect. I never want to doubt myself again and make bad choices because of a bad image. And never more than when I have something that is not mine. I’ll think I’m beautiful.’

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