Argentine television program commemorates the queen’s death: “Finally the old Nazi is dead”

Argentine television program commemorates the queen’s death: “Finally the old Nazi is dead”

Death of Queen Elizabeth II

The absurd scene during a television broadcast. The Argentine government, while formally expressing condolences to the British Royal House, appeared to be quite cold.

Author: Antonio Palma

Death of Queen Elizabeth II

As the whole world sent messages of condolence to London for death of queen elizabeth at age 96, a Argentine television program celebrated the death of the British Sovereign, uncorking bottles of sparkling wine and mocking her I live with phrases like: “Finally the old Nazi is dead”.

The absurd scene during the program of the television journalist and the Argentine businessman and politician Santiago Cuneo is nothing new for such public statements. During the program entitled “Cúneo al mediodía”, “Cuneo at noon”, the presenter broke the news of her death, starting to applaud and then uncorking sparkling wine and insulting Queen Elizabeth among the laughter of the others present.

“The old woman is dead, it’s over once and for all, thunderous applause for satan who took her away. She’s done. I promised him that we would toast when this British trash was dead, this Lucifer crap”, are some of the incredible phrases reported in the studio and that awakened a wave of criticism also in Argentina.

“We’re celebrating. It was torment. This admirer of Hitler has finally come to an end,” Cuneo continued, opening a bottle and toasting inside the balloon-adorned studio. The video was posted online and immediately went viral on social media where it was met with an avalanche of criticism.

The war in the Falklands and the differences between the two countries

At the base of the gesture, which cannot be justified, are the old disagreements between the two countries after the Falklands-Malvinas war of the 1980s. military conflict fought between April and June 1982 between Argentina and the United Kingdom for control and possession of the islands of the Atlantic Ocean, which the British call Falklands and the Argentines Malvinas, saw the victory of London. Argentina has always claimed them as its territories, given the proximity, even though at that time the population was already composed entirely of British.

To have in the Falklands with the news of Elizabeth’s death, the islanders left a clear sign of their pro-British identity. In addition to leaving all their web pages completely black as a sign of mourning, the flags were flown at half-mast and local authorities announced that they would follow the mourning imposed in Britain.

The coldness of the Argentine government over Elizabeth’s death

Furthermore, even the Argentine government, in formally expressing condolences to the English Royal House with sober messages, it looked very cold. Itamaraty was the first to express its condolences with a message that read: “The Government of the Argentine Republic expresses its regret at your disappearance and accompanies the British people and his family in this moment of pain.”

Only much later did the Casa Rosada tweet: “The Argentine government salutes and stands close to the British people and government on the death of their head of state, Queen Elizabeth II” while, unlike many world leaders, from the presidency they said that President Alberto Fernández made no personal statements. Even for the funeral, probably no one will be sent and the ambassador in London will represent the country. A message of condolence, on the other hand, came from former president Mauricio Macri.

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