Royal poisons, the story behind Meghan’s turnaround. “He may not attend Queen Elizabeth’s funeral”

Prince Harry did not have time to see his grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II, alive, who died on Thursday, September 8, at Balmoral Castle, after a rapid deterioration of her health. The son of King Charles and Diana Spencer departed early in the morning, shortly after 8 am local time, from the Scottish town where he had arrived last night. He therefore spent around 12 hours with his father and brother Prince William. The Duke of Sussex is expected to return to Windsor, where his wife Meghan Markle awaits him.

British tabloids point out that Meghan’s decision not to follow her husband to Scotland came later, only after learning that Kate Middleton had remained in London. “Yesterday there was confusion surrounding Prince Harry, his wife Meghan Markle and why their plans to fly together to Scotland have suddenly changed”; writes the Sun reporting the chronology of events. William and other relatives quickly took an RAF flight to Aberdeen following news of the Queen’s aggravation, and at 2pm Harry and Meghan announced that they would also fly to Scotland to be with the Queen. United to attend an event).

“But it took another three hours for Harry to leave London,” reports the tabloid, a delay that prevented the prince from seeing his grandmother alive. “Why exactly Meghan changed her plans to stay in London has not been confirmed, but all signs point to Kate and her decision to stay in Windsor with her three children.” Following the publication of photos of Kate in the car, Omid Scobie, a friend and biographer of Meghan’s, announced that her plans had changed and that “like the Duchess of Cambridge”, she would also remain in England. In any case, Markle’s initial choice to go to Scotland raised several eyebrows at the Palace, reports the Sun, “given her frosty relationship with the royal family, which she has publicly criticized and accused of racism.”

Also, according to the latest rumors coming from the UK, Meghan may not attend Elizabeth II’s funeral, which is due to take place on September 19. Also, Harri appeared isolated from the rest of the family during these hours.

Source: IL Tempo