Kate Middleton as Diana: She is the new Princess of Wales

Kate Middleton as Diana: She is the new Princess of Wales

Death of Queen Elizabeth II

Kate Middleton is the new Princess of Wales after King Charles III decided to name his son William, heir to the throne of England, Prince of Wales. Lady Diana was also given this title, while Camilla preferred to be known with the secondary titles of Duchess of Cornwall and Duchess of Rothesay.

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Death of Queen Elizabeth II

The UK will have a new princess of Wales, title that was lady Diana, the last to be known by this name.

The title, by the way, now goes to Kate middletonwife of Williameldest son of King Charles III, who named him today prince of wales.

This is what the new monarch announced in a passage from his first speech as king made tonight.

“As my heir, William now takes on the Scottish titles that have meant so much to me,” Carlo said, adding, “It happens to me as Duke of Cornwall and assumes responsibility for the Duchy of Cornwall that I have had for over five decades. Today I am proud to name him Prince of Wales, Tywysog Cymru, whose title I have been privileged to carry so much during much of my life and duty. With Catherine By your side, our new Princes and Princesses of Wales, I know, will continue to inspire and guide our national conversations.”

The title of Prince of Wales does not automatically pass to the heir to the throne, must be granted by the sovereign. Carlo himself received it “as a gift” when he was just 9 years old from his mother, during a grand swearing-in ceremony at Caernarvon Castle in 1969, and it now passes it on to William.

A real source in the news agency SHOVEL made it known that Kate wants to “make her own way” in the role that was bestowed on her and William by King Charles.

“The couple – added the source – are focused on the commitment to deepen the confidence and respect for the people of Wales. The Prince and Princess of Wales will face their role with the same modesty AND humility with whom they have dealt with their work before. The new Princess of Wales appreciates the history associated with this role, but will understandably want to look at the future while creating your own path”.

King Charles in his first speech never mentioned his ex-wife, Madam Dianathe last to receive the title of Princess of Wales after her marriage in 1982.

The King’s current wife Camilla, who assumed the title of queen consortalthough she is the Princess of Wales due to her marriage to the then Prince of Wales, she preferred to be known by the secondary titles of Duchess of Cornwall and Duchess of Rothesay out of respect for the husband’s first wife.

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