Queenless Britons on Day One: What Happens?

Queenless Britons on Day One: What Happens?

Queen Elizabeth died yesterday at the age of 96 at the Scottish castle in Balmoral. Aside from his King Charles (timing as yet unknown) speech, he expects to meet with newly crowned British Prime Minister Liz Truss and the cabinet.

moment of silence

The British House of Commons will also hold a memorial service starting at noon today. The House of Commons expects the meeting to last until 10 p.m. The chairman chairs the meeting.

While the British government is meticulously planning what will happen after Elizabeth’s death, codenamed London Bridge, it is not yet clear what the coming days will be, according to British media. The Guardian writes that a minute’s silence will be held across the country today.

The newspaper reports that ceremonial greetings were also given in Hyde Park and Tower Hill in England’s capital to commemorate the Queen.

Since Elizabeth dies in Balmoral, she will first be imprisoned in Holyroodhouse, her official Scottish residence in Edinburgh, according to Operation Unicorn’s plan. Then he is taken to London.

national mourning

In Britain there is a period of national mourning that ends ten days later with the burial of the British monarch, the first since 1760, at Westminster Abbey. Elizabeth was later buried in St George’s Chapel near Windsor Castle, where her husband Philip also found his final resting place over a year ago.

Yesterday many Britons came to Windsor Castle to pay their last respects to the Queen:

After the death of the Queen, condolences continued to pour in from world leaders and other important figures. Shortly after Elizabeth’s death became known, one of the first to respond was British Prime Minister Liz Truss. “Queen Elizabeth’s death has devastated us all,” Struss said. “Our country grew and developed under him.”

British celebrities

The Pope, several royal households, Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida, UN chief António Guterres, US President Joe Biden and even Vladimir Putin responded to the monarch’s death. “She was a steady presence, a source of comfort and pride in an ever-changing world,” Biden said of the queen.

British celebrities were also reflected in the Queen’s death. “Like the rest of the country, I am saddened to hear that Queen Elizabeth has passed away,” Elton John wrote on his social media account. British singer Paul McCartney wrote on Twitter after his death: “God bless the queen and long live the king”.

British newspapers also mourned Elizabeth’s death this morning. “We love you ma’am,” writes The Sun. “You have done your duty,” says The Daily Star.

Several newspapers, including The Guardian and The Times, publish a portrait taken at Elizabeth’s coronation in 1953. The Times called the painting “A Life in the Ministry.” The Guardian devotes nineteen pages to the life of the Queen (1926-2022).

broken hearts

In the mirror it says ‘thank you’ on the front page of a recent image of Elizabeth. The Daily Express reports in capital letters that ‘our beloved queen is dead’ in a black and white image of the monarch. The Daily Telegraph captioned the same photo: “Heartbreak is the price we pay for love.” The Daily Mail writes “our hearts are broken” on the front page of its “special historic edition”.

Source: RTL