Croatian railway accident, two trains collide: at least 3 dead and 11 injured

At least 3 victims and 11 injured in the collision between two trains in Croatia. A passenger train reportedly jumped a red light and hit the freight train while it was stopped.

Author: Susanna Picone

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they register killed and injured in a serious train accident which took place last night, Friday 9 September, in Croatia. According to the latest updated number, at least three victims and 11 others were injured, luckily none of them would be life-threatening. The incident took place near the town of Novska in eastern Croatia.

Croatian Prime Minister Andrej Plenkovich, who visited the site overnight, provided the updated death toll. “Many injured are Croatian citizens and many are foreigners,” explained Plenkovich, noting that information about them can be obtained from the Red Cross in Novska. According to reports on Croatian public television, the three dead are Croatian nationals, while eight of the 11 injured are foreigners.

The train accident would have occurred when, according to unofficial information from the Croatian media, a passenger train passed with a red light and hit a freight train that had stalled due to a collapse in the city of Rajich. The passenger train would not have stopped at the stop sign, crushing at a speed of around 100 km/h the freight train that was stopped due to a technical failure.

Several passengers would end up under the train. The Croatian Civil Protection Directorate announced that medical teams, firefighters and police had traveled to the scene of the accident, where the Prime Minister and Health Minister Vili Beros also arrived. Plenkovich on Twitter announced an investigation “to determine all the circumstances of this train accident”.

Source: Fan Page IT