Pain and shyness in Charles’ first speech, what the new king’s body language says

Pain and shyness in Charles’ first speech, what the new king’s body language says

Author: Anna Vagli

Death of Queen Elizabeth II

the of King Charles III it was a life lived in the shadow of charismatic women. On the one hand, the Queen Elizabeth II, his mother, who reigned for seventy years. The longest-lived of rulers, second only to the Sun King. Which, for years, led seventy-two. Definitely a heavy legacy he left for the Queen, always the most loved in the realm.

On the other hand, the prince of walesnow King Charles III, was obscured by the magnetic field lady Diana. A woman, before being a princess, who never gave in to intransigence real family. Torn between scandals and tabloids, the revelation of betrayals and her “crowded marriage” will make the sword of Damocles weigh forever on her unfaithful and unloving husband. After all, her weaknesses as a woman had made Diana so close to the English. So much so that she deserves the nickname of princess of the people.

Until his mother’s death, therefore, Charles’ most famous portrait of England was that of heir to the throne. With the longest wait in the UK. At his age, the rest of the world is retiring as he is called upon to transport the most famous monarchy on the planet. No doubt he prepared a life for it, but the Queen’s legacy weighs and will weigh heavily on her reign: that of Charles III.

Yesterday, on his first day as king, he had the lead role for the first time. Not that of an unfaithful husband, nor that of a forgotten prince. But as sovereign.

To get to Buckingham Palace he chose the Rolls Roys Phantom IV, a favorite of Queen Elizabeth II. A decision that aims not only to honor the mother, but above all useful for forging a (first) empathic bond with your subjects. Carlo is certainly aware that he will have to work hard on the image to ensure the monarchy continues.

What does King Charles III’s body language tell us?

Between the mind and the body there is an extremely intimate bond that makes every thought correspond to a physical reaction. Clearly, in interactions with others we never try to hide positive thoughtsbut feelings of discomfort and anxiety. Despite our efforts, however, the body sometimes betrays us and lets out emotions that do not match the verbal message, the so-called “information leaks”.

Consequently, such leaks create a blatant “inconsistency” between what do we say AND what the body communicates. And this can also be seen in the inauguration speech of the new king.

After choosing the car to get to Buckingham Palace, Charles of England spoke for the first time to his subjects as sovereign. He did this by delivering a speech of about eight minutes, in which, no doubt, he leaked: pain, to fear, insecurity AND shame.

He who has always been the eternal second, both in court life and in worldly life, has placed himself completely naked.

As he tries to hide his real state of mind, the first observation to make is that Carlo, in his heart, is convinced of not being able to fill the role of king. Not only because of the awareness of the impossibility of superimposing A Rainha. But also to raise awareness warm bond that always connected him to his people. Especially after the death of the sad princess.

Despite, therefore, his venerable age, the analysis of his facial expressions highlights two unmistakable signs: the pain of loss and the shame, perhaps shyness, of wearing the clothes of a king.

“My mother was an example”. When saying this sentence, the pain is tangible on your face. It is possible to grab it by the constant lowering of the eyebrowsthat stay together during the entire speech, from your twitching cheeks and the tension of the lower lids of your eyes.

“I will serve you for life”. When he talks about his responsibilities, often retracts the body and leans back. These are signs of deep hesitation, which allow the fear of a man who is deeply afraid of not being able to carry out the task assigned to him.

When instead he uses the phrase “I will rule you with love, respect and loyalty” He lifts his right shoulder asymmetrically and lowers his gaze. Obvious gestures that denote modesty and embarrassment. His facial expressions therefore make him seem completely doubtful of what he claims.

Therefore, the inconsistencies between what is said in words and what is communicated to the body are undeniable. Stiff posture, downward gaze and closed eyebrows for a long period of time they describe Carlo as deeply focused on not letting in the insecurity that really assails him. Not only.

language too paraverbal, with respect to the item, did not testify on behalf of Carlo. In this sense, although it is likely that the hypothesis is raised that he was not the one who wrote the speech, the slowness with which he pronounced the words showed an important state of anxiety. Probably related to taking on new responsibilities as a sovereign. So even as he spoke, he exuded a deep uncertainty.

Then there is the passage about the wife. “I count on the loving help of my beloved wife Camilla”. At this point, Carlo lifts his lip towards the one on the left. As he does so, his facial expression expresses shame mixed with fear. Fear of the reaction of the subjects who, most likely, would have wanted another queen consort: Lady Diana. God save the king.

Anna Vagli

Doctor Anna Vagli, jurist, forensic criminologist, journalist-publicist, specialist in investigative psychology, technical inspection at the crime scene and criminal profiling. Certified as a specialist in applied neuroscience by Harvard University. Scientific director of the master’s degree in criminology in partnership with Studio Cataldi and Legal Education

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