Carlos III proclaimed King, what he said at the ceremony: the speech and the images

Carlos III proclaimed King, what he said at the ceremony: the speech and the images

Death of Queen Elizabeth II

Charles III was formally proclaimed king by the accession council, in a ceremony that for the first time took place on live television, at the Palace of St. James in London. The speech of the successor of Elizabeth II.

Author: Susanna Picone

Death of Queen Elizabeth II

On the morning of Saturday 10th September, less than 48 hours after the death of Queen Elizabeth, Charles III was formally proclaimed king. At 10 am in London, at 11 am in Italy, the ceremony at the Palace of St. James, the oldest of the capital’s royal palaces. For three centuries, until Victoria’s reign, it was the residence of England’s royalty. For the first time, the ceremony and then the official announcement from the balcony of the building were broadcast live on TV. The first part of the ceremony took place in the absence of the new ruler, as tradition dictates.

The Accession Council – the body of the British constitutional monarchy – includes around 200 honorary members, including institutional authorities, court figures, senior officials, members of government and parliament and political veterans. There are also living former prime ministers of the Kingdom, Liz Truss predecessors: Boris Johnson, Theresa May, David Cameron, Gordon Brown, Tony Blair and John Major.

Chairing the ceremony was Minister Penny Mordaunt, in her capacity as Chairman of the Council of the current Conservative government, together with the top of the body represented byheir to the throne William, the new Prince of Wales, Queen Consort Camilla, Prime Minister Truss, the Anglican Archbishops of Canterbury and York, Justice Minister Brandon Lewis and some officials. It was formalized for the first time the news of the death of Queen Elizabeth IIthen it was read the act of proclaiming Charles the new king, with all titles attached, including “defender of the faith”. Act completed with invocation “God save the king”.

King Charles spoke during the second part of the ceremony and accepted the proclamation deed certifying his succession to Queen Elizabeth, signing the relevant documents, countersigned by several witnesses, including his son William and his wife Camilla. In a short speech, the new king reiterated his homage to his mother, whose reign he called “unparalleled in duration and devotion to service”, vowing once again to serve the country with loyalty. Below is the text of his declaration:

It is my most painful duty to announce the death of my beloved mother, the queen. I know how deeply you and the entire nation, and I think I can say to the entire world, sympathize with me for the irreparable loss we all suffer. It is the greatest comfort to me to know of the sympathy expressed by so many for my sister and brothers and how this overwhelming affection and support must be extended to our entire family for our loss. To all of us as a family. With regard to this kingdom and the larger family of nations of which it is a part, my mother set an example of lifelong unselfish love and service. My mother’s reign was unparalleled in duration, dedication, and devotion. Even if we are sad, we give thanks for this faithful life. I am keenly aware of this great legacy and the heavy duties and responsibilities of sovereignty that have now passed to me. In assuming these responsibilities, I will strive to follow the inspiring example set before me in supporting constitutional government and seeking peace, harmony and prosperity for the peoples of these islands and the Commonwealth kingdoms and territories throughout the world. For this, I know that I will be supported by the affection and loyalty of the peoples over whom I have been called to be sovereign and that I will be guided by the council of the elected Parliament. In all of this, I am deeply encouraged by the constant support of my beloved wife. I take this opportunity to confirm my willingness and intention to continue the tradition of handing over hereditary income, including crown assets, to the government for the benefit of all in exchange for the sovereign grant that supports my official functions as head of state and head of nation. In carrying out the heavy task entrusted to me, to which I dedicate the rest of my life. I pray for guidance and help from Almighty God.

At 12 Italian o’clock, then the cannon fire and the proclamation from the balcony: an auctioneer read the ritual formula in a shrill voice, while honor departments in full uniform lined the courtyard of the building, adjacent to Buckingham Palace. Eventually, he launched an applause for the new king, echoed by the crowd.

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