Funeral of Queen Elizabeth Monday 19 September, all stages of the funeral ceremony

Death of Queen Elizabeth II

Buckingham Palace has listed the stages of Queen Elizabeth’s funeral: from the procession in Scotland to the exhibition of the body in London, through the plane trip.

Author: Antonio Palma

Death of Queen Elizabeth II

THE Queen Elizabeth’s State Funeral they will happen Monday, September 19 at Westminster Abbey at 11 am local time, 12 hours in Italy. Buckingham Palace confirmed this by listing in detail all the stages of the ceremony, from the procession in Scotland to the exhibition of the body in London, through to the plane trip. Before the state funeral, the queen’s body will be displayed in Westminster Hall for four days for citizens to pay their respects.

Elizabeth’s body on display for four days

The Queen’s coffin, which currently rests in the ballroom at Balmoral Castle, he will be flown to Edinburgh on Sunday 11 September. The six-hour journey from Balmoral to Edinburgh will take place in a hearse that will cross the counties to the capital of Scotland, where it will rest at the Palace of Holyroodhouse, where it will rest in the Throne Room until the afternoon of Monday, 12 September. .

Indeed, on Monday the coffin will be brought from the square of the Palace of Holyroodhouse Funeral procession to St Giles Cathedral where there will be a first religious function. The ceremony will be attended by King Charles III and members of the royal family. The sovereign’s coffin will then be reborn on display in the Cathedral to allow the Scottish people to pay homage to her.

On the afternoon of Tuesday, September 13, the travel to London by plane. The body will travel from Scotland on a Royal Air Force plane from Edinburgh Airport to Northolt Airport. Accompanying the body will be the Queen’s only daughter, Princess Anna.

What will Queen Elizabeth’s funeral be like?

The Queen’s coffin will then be transported by road to Buckingham Palace to rest in the Bow Room. On the afternoon of Wednesday, September 14, the coffin will be taken in procession in a carriage military from the Royal Horse Artillery of the King’s Troop from Buckingham Palace to the Palace of Westminster, where the Queen will be on display in Westminster Hall until the morning of the state funeral.

After the coffin arrived at Westminster Hall, the Archbishop of Canterbury will bless the barassisted by Reverend Dr. David Hoyle, Dean of Westminster, and in the presence of the King and members of the royal family. Finally, on the morning of Monday, September 19, the coffin will be carried in procession from the Palace of Westminster to Westminster Abbey, where the state funeral will take place.

For the day of Elizabeth’s funeral The UK has proclaimed a holiday. The holiday, proclaimed in honor of Britain’s longest-serving sovereign, was endorsed by King Charles III and marks the final stage of a period of national mourning.

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