United Kingdom, Charles III proclaimed king. The ceremony for the first time live

United Kingdom, Charles III proclaimed king.  The ceremony for the first time live

“God save the king”. Two days after the death of Queen Elizabeth II, her son Charles was officially proclaimed the new king, with the name Charles III, in a ceremony steeped in tradition and symbols that, for the first time, was broadcast live on TV. On the same day the date of the state funeral was made official: they will take place on September 19 at Westminster Abbey in London. “The world has lost an extraordinary leader,” Prince William, now heir to the throne, said in his first message as Prince of Wales. “I will honor the Queen’s memory by supporting my father the King in any way I can,” he added.

Charles became king automatically with the death of his mother, but the so-called ‘ceremony of accession’, that is, the ‘ceremony of accession to the throne’, was necessary for the official inauguration of the new sovereign. While for the coronation it will be necessary to wait a few months (between the death of Queen Elizabeth’s father and her coronation in June 1953, about 16 months will pass). Charles was proclaimed new sovereign by the Accession Council, the monarch’s consultative body made up of high political figures and officials, which met at St. James in London.

Such a ceremony has not been held since 1952, when Elizabeth ascended the throne. The first part took place without the sovereign: after learning of the death of Queen Elizabeth II, the Accession Council official proclaimed Charles sovereign with the name of Charles III and the relative declaration attesting to this was also signed by the British Prime Minister Liz Treliça. . ‘God save the king’, is the phrase with which the official’s proclamation ended.

At that point, the participants – including former Prime Minister Boris Johnson, Theresa May, David Cameron, Gordon Brown and Tony Blair – moved into the throne room, where King Charles III joined them. The new monarch took an oath that he signed, with Camilla and her son William as witnesses, in which he promised to follow his mother’s example. “I will strive to follow the example and inspiration set by my mother, respecting constitutional duties and seeking prosperity and harmony for all citizens,” Carlo said, promising that his action will be guided by the elected parliament. Then a new tribute to Camilla: “I am deeply encouraged by the constant support of my beloved wife,” he said.

The first public proclamation took place from the balcony of St. James, next to the mouth of ‘King of Arms of the Garter’ David White, flanked by trumpeters in gold-fringed robes. At that time, cannon shots were fired at the same time in Hyde Park, the Tower of London and military sites across the UK. Then, as Charles was returning to Buckingham Palace, a second public proclamation took place in the City of London at the Royal Exchange.

After reading the first public proclamation of King Charles III, that from the balcony of St. James in London, the flags that were at half-mast for Elizabeth were flown. Tomorrow, after proclamations are also made in Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales, the flags will return to half-mast as a sign of respect for the late Queen.

Source: IL Tempo